Monday, August 16, 2010

after 63 years of Independence -- a long way to go

After 63 years of independence, we still need to break free from many more oppressives...bad behaviour, crime, bribes, high population, non-concern for nature, intolerance of various kinds, terrorism, injustice..

We need to take steps to ensure that dignity of people, of life forms, whether human , plant or animal , is maintanied at all times, at all places..

People have the right to speak and to get educated.. but because of  poverty kids instead of going to schools end up working at different places.. leading lifes of adults at a tender age.. their childhood and innocence gone for ever...

the animals losing their habitats..because of development and spread of civilisation.. a rational approach needs to be taken..

in these 60 years we have travelled a long distance.. we have become one of the powers of the world.. our people have become the intelluctual hubs looked up by the world..

A lot needs to be done.. we have lots to do..

We have a long way to go..

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