Monday, August 23, 2010

The changing weather

The weather
its changing

bringing in its wake
diseases and turmoil,

landslides, floods,
earthquakes, intolerable heat

people are falling sick
for reasons known/unknown

energy being sapped
lives feel trapped

Need more redemption
God help your creation

Annoop's page: On being able to make a difference to global warmi...

Annoop's page: On being able to make a difference to global warmi...: "I am truly impresed by a saying that I read somewhere. It really reflects what one a person can achieve if one continues with what one is be..."

On being able to make a difference to global warming, environment consciousness and contribute towards social responsibility as well as citizens charter

I am truly impresed by a saying that I read somewhere. It really reflects what one a person can achieve if one continues with what one is best at. The saying goes like this:

If you think you are too small to make a difference, try thinking about spending a night with a mosquito.

A profound thought, what.

What with the current day focus on global warming, environment conciousness, individual social responsibility, and the citizens charter....the above thought lends itself to greater meaning and context.

However small the initiative or the person in the hierarchy of the world order, if the deed in worthwhile and commitment to the assignment and/or the thought is there, a lot of tangible and visible difference can be made and the erstwhile status quo can be questioned and changed for the betterment of today's as well as the future generations.

Monday, August 16, 2010

after 63 years of Independence -- a long way to go

After 63 years of independence, we still need to break free from many more oppressives...bad behaviour, crime, bribes, high population, non-concern for nature, intolerance of various kinds, terrorism, injustice..

We need to take steps to ensure that dignity of people, of life forms, whether human , plant or animal , is maintanied at all times, at all places..

People have the right to speak and to get educated.. but because of  poverty kids instead of going to schools end up working at different places.. leading lifes of adults at a tender age.. their childhood and innocence gone for ever...

the animals losing their habitats..because of development and spread of civilisation.. a rational approach needs to be taken..

in these 60 years we have travelled a long distance.. we have become one of the powers of the world.. our people have become the intelluctual hubs looked up by the world..

A lot needs to be done.. we have lots to do..

We have a long way to go..

Monday, August 9, 2010

On missing a friend

Life just too short
You are here one day
Gone the next

The invitations remain pending
As do the celebrations
The qustions remain unasked
The answers remain inside you

You plan so many things
Nothing materialises
You wait fo someone to say
To get well
So that you can share may things

You get to know he is no more
In this world, in your circle

He has reached higher circles
with divine friends

Ajai.. I miss you

Friday, July 16, 2010

trip to Singapore

Anoop, Kaumudi & Arastoo Joshi at the Underwater World, Sentosa Island, Singapore ( June 2010)

The trip to Singapore, much awaited, finalised materialsed. a well earned break it gave the family some breathing time as well as some quality time together. Interacting with animals, marine life and the sea for a change was most welcome.