Monday, April 30, 2007

The Comic Project -a great place for reading classic Phantom/ Mandrake comics

Hey , great site.
I had been desperately looking for these comics and I find them in one place. Amazing.
There is one I am stilling loking for is "Mandrake and Yellow Camel"" (Peela Oont) -= A THIEF WHO COULD CHANGE HIS LOOKS AT A THE DROP OF A HAT.
TCP has to be commended for THIS GREAT WORK
Thanks to all the contributors as well, who have sent comics to TCP. I wish my friends had not taken away the bundles of Indrajal comics I had in my childhood, else I too could have contributed a few. But rest assured, I will always try to keep posting my comments regularly, and also try to spread the word about TCP to as many people as possible.
I wish I could directly download these to my computer The process is very tedious and time consuming with one going through a free hosting site etc.

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