Sunday, November 19, 2006

Let the summer pass

The passing of summer is like big relief. No more high temperatues, no more sweating. Bye bye to lethargy and sloth. With the onset of rainy season, the weather changes to more pleasant. The heavy downpour taking away the heat and the dust starts settling. The rain too after a while strts getting on the nerve. One starts wishing that witer was there to provide succour from the humidity and the muddy pools and the messy traffic jams.
Yet we know it is going to come back, a yearly ritual.
Just like it did last year and year before that. It will come next year and the year after that.

So life goes on, with changing seasons and changing mindsets. Things change but oveer a period of time remain the same . Predictable and yet not predictable. All in God's hands. So why do we need to fear.
Let the Summer pass. A new season with new hopes is round the corner.

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